EEE Staff Details

S NoName of the Staff DesiginationQualificationDate of JoiningExperience Profile
1 L.Kiran kumar Assoc.Prof and Head M.Tech 08/09/200812 Years
2 S.Upender Rao Asst. Prof. M.Tech 09/08/201610 Years
3 V.Sudir Kumar Asst. Prof M.Tech 02/03/20166 Years
4 S. Hareesh Reddy Asst. Prof M.Tech 30/05/20184 Years
5 N.Ganesh Asst. ProfM.Tech19/08/20164 Years
6 D. Shiva Shankar Asst. ProfM.Tech01/02/20183 Years
7 V. Hanumantha Reddy Asst. ProfM.Tech25/02/20153 Years
8 A.Manoj Kumar Asst. Prof M.Tech 25/10/20162 Years
9 SG.MohanAsst. ProfM.Tech25/10/20162 Years
10 T.S. Vijaya Lakshmi Asst. ProfM.Tech22/06/20181 Year
11 G. Kalyan Kumar Asst. ProfM.Tech26/06/20161 Year