25th Sep - 30th Sep 2017 Dussehra holidays
1Assignment Test-110-08-201719-08-201710-08-201719-08-201710-08-201719-08-2017
2 Assignment Test-2 03-Oct-17 09-Oct-17 03-Oct-17 09-Oct-17 03-Oct-17 09-Oct-17
3 Lab-Internal-1 28-Aug-17 04-Sep-17 28-Aug-17 04-Sep-17 28-Aug-17 04-Sep-17
4 Lab-Internal-2 30-Oct-17 06-Nov-17 30-Oct-17 06-Nov-17 30-Oct-17 06-Nov-17
5 Prefinal Exams 23-Oct-17 23-Oct-17 28-Oct-17 23-Oct-17 28-Oct-17
6 CRC Meetings-1 29-Jul-17 28-Jul-17 27-Jul-17
7 CRC Meetings-2 17-Aug-17 18-Aug-17 19-Aug-17
8 CRC Meetings-3 14-Sep-17 07-Sep-17 09-Sep-17
9 CRC Meetings-4 23-Sep-17 18-Sep-17 19-Sep-17
10 CRC Meetings-6 12-Oct-17 17-Oct-17 18-Oct-17
11 CRC Meetings-5 07-Oct-17 07-Oct-17 07-Oct-17
12 HRC-1 meeting for All Hostel Students from 3:30pm to 4:30pm 17-Aug-17 17-Aug-17 17-Aug-17
13 HRC-2 meeting for All Hostel Students from 3:30pm to 4:30pm 14-Sep-17 14-Sep-17 14-Sep-17
14 HRC-3 meeting for All Hostel Students from 3:30pm to 4:30pm 12-Oct-17 12-Oct-17 12-Oct-17
15 HRC-4 meeting for All Hostel Students from 3:30pm to 4:30pm 07-Nov-17 07-Nov-17 07-Nov-17
16 Sports & Games competition 11-Aug-17 11-Aug-17 11-Aug-17
17 Technical Fest 16-Sep-17 16-Sep-17 16-Sep-17
18 Workshop for 2nd year 17-Aug-17 19-Aug-17 02-Aug-17 05-Aug-17
19 Workshop for 3rd & 4th years 13-Sep-17 21-Aug-17 22-Aug-17
20 Industrial Visit for 2nd,3rd & 4th years 19-Oct-17 21-Oct-17 12-Oct-17 14-Oct-17 12-Sep-17
21 Guest Lecture-1 21-Aug-17 19-Aug-17 15-Sep-17
22 Guest Lecture-2 13-Oct-17 10-Oct-17
23 University I-Mid-Exam(II, III & IV Years) 06-Sep-17 08-Sep-17 06-Sep-17 08-Sep-17 06-Sep-17 08-Sep-17
24 University II-Mid-Exam(II, III & IV Years) 08-Nov-17 10-Nov-17 08-Nov-17 10-Nov-17 08-Nov-17 10-Nov-17
25 Practical Examinations(II, III & IV Years) 13-Nov-17 18-Nov-17 13-Nov-17 18-Nov-17 13-Nov-17 18-Nov-17
26 End Semester Examinations(II, III & IV Years) 20-Nov-17 02-Dec-17 20-Nov-17 02-Dec-17 20-Nov-17 02-Dec-17
27 Commencement of Next Semester 14-Dec-17 14-Dec-17 14-Dec-17

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