Debouch as a centre of excellence for computer science engineering by imparting social, moral and ethical values oriented education through advanced pedagogical techniques and produce technologically and highly competent professionals of global standards with capabilities of solving challenges of the time through innovative and creative solutions.


To envision inquisitive driven advanced knowledge building among students to impart foundational knowledge of computer science and its applications of all spheres using the state-of-the-art facilities and software industry - institute interaction.

To advance the department industry collaborations through interaction with professional society through seminars/workshops/guest lectures and student internship programs.

To nurture students with leadership qualities, communication skills and imbibe qualities to work as a team member and a leader for the economical and technological development in cutting edge technologies in national and global arena

Program Educational Objectives(PEOs) :

PEO1: To provide graduates the foundational and essential knowledge in mathematics, science, computer science and engineering and interdisciplinary engineering to emerge as technocrats.

PEO2: To inculcate the capabilities to analyze, design and develop innovative solutions of computer support systems for benefits of the society, by diligence and teamwork.

PEO3: To drive the graduates towards employment/purse higher studies/turn as entrepreneurs.

Program Specific Outcomes(PSOS):

PSO1: Foundation on Software Development: Ability to grasp the software development life cycle of software systems and possess competent skills and knowledge of software design process.

PSO2: Industrial Skills Ability: Ability to interpret fundamental concepts and methodology of computer systems so that students can understand the functionality of hardware and software aspects of computer systems.

PSO3: Ethical and Social Responsibility: Communicate effectively in both verbal and written form, will have knowledge of professional and ethical responsibilities and will show the understanding of impact of engineering solutions on the society and also will be aware of contemporary issues.

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