To achieve value oriented and quality education with excellent standards on par with evolving technologies and produce technocrats of global standards with capabilities of facing futuristic challenges.

M1: To enrich advanced knowledge among students for reinforcing the domain knowledge and develop capabilities and skills to solve complex engineering problems.

M2: To impart value based professional education for a challenging career in Computer Science and Engineering.

M3: To transform the graduates for contributing to the socio-economic development and welfare of the society through value based education

Program Educational Objectives(PEOs) :

PEO1: To acquire logical and analytical skills in core areas of Computer Science & Information Technology.

PEO2: To adapt new technologies for the changing needs of IT industry through self-study, graduate work and professional development.

PEO3: To demonstrate professional and ethical attitude, soft skills, team spirit, leadership skills and execute assignments to the perfection.

Program Specific Outcomes(PSOS):

PSO1: Foundation on Software Development: Analyze, design and develop efficient algorithms and software applications to deploy in secure environment to support contemporary services.

PSO2: Industrial Skills Ability: Develop software solutions using open source environment to deliver quality products for business success.

PSO3: Ethical and Social Responsibility: Communicate effectively in both verbal and written form, will have knowledge of professional and ethical responsibilities and will show the understanding of impact of engineering solutions on the society and also will be aware of contemporary issues.

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